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This is the home page which groups together Christian organisations both business and ministries. This site offers subdomains as well as links to your organisation's site. All will be in a searchable database grouped by state as well as types.  A walk with contemplation We hope this site will become as full a list of Australian Christian websites as possible. The site is being improved all the time.
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Our mission is to bring together those Christians who operate in the fullness of the Holy Spirit and obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ and provide for them an authority that is recognized by the law of the land, but will allow them the freedom to perform their calling without interference or restriction from any governing body or group.

Our hope is to offer a network of support and information to allow them to continue and grow in the freedom of this calling which will in turn, give them freedom to immediately respond to any change or variation of direction that the Lord Jesus may direct.

Our purpose is to create a form of communication that will inspire, encourage and help keep their focus to continue in their calling when they feeling challenged or overcome by the circumstances. We want to create a unity amongst all members with love, understanding and prayer so that their relationship will continue to grow in the Lord, Jesus Christ and so we can have a sense of oneness in Him.

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