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Greetings in His name,

We are an organisation who have a number of people who have a ministry but no covering body. We are registered in NSW and we are growing in numbers. We keep ministries up to date with a bi-monthly news letter.

If you believe you are doing what God has called you to do and you are ministering in that calling but do not have the pastorial qualifications to do so feel free to contact me as we are looking for new people to join ACM.

We are able to give you a pastor status certificate and an ID card which enables you to carry out your roll with the qualifications without going to a Bible College. Providing you meet all the necessary requirements.

Your aplication will have to be processed by the board of ACM before approval is given and there is an annual fee of $60.00 per single and $80.00 couple.

We invite you to join us.

Yours in Christ,

Itinerant pastor,
Lawrie Whitmore
Australian Christian Ministries inc.
PO Box 171
Ettalong Beach NSW       2257


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